Writers & artists in #1
Ed Shannon, Mark Rainey , Dave Stall , Glenn Rahman , Mary Elizabeth Counselman , Roger Dale Trexler, Matt McGregor, Carl Jacobi
Marge Simon , Dave Page , Ed Shannon, John Brower
Mike Odden, Joe West, Lee Odden, Mat Rouch, Jim Boden, M. B. Simon, Jon Arfstom, Roger Gerberding,
A.M. Decker, Carl Jacobi, Audrey Parente, Phillip Rainbird, M. B. Simon, Scott Wyatt, Ruth Berman
 Volume 1 # 1 Oct 1987
cover art Mike Odden
 Volume 2 # 2 Oct 1988
cover art Roger Gerberding 

Writers & artists in #2
Gerald Houarner, Kathryn Sullivan ,Margaret B. Simon ,Roger Dale Trexler ,John B. Rosenman ,Thomas D. Sadler ,B. R. Parks, Bobby G. Warner,Donald W. Hornbostel, Bruce G. Trait
R. Dixon Smith,Roger Gerberding, Dave Page,John Brower, Ed Shannon
Mat Rouch ,James Jamison, Roger Gerberding, Hans Werner, Roberet Pasternak, Joe West, Karen L. Bellmont, Judith A. Holman, Mike Odden
Dwight P. Humphries, W. Gregory Stewart, Joseph Payne Brennan, Wayne Allen Sallee, Joey Froechlich, Audrey Parente, Joyce Olson, A. M. Decker, Janet E. Udden Ed Shannon
Another member of this group was
composer Paul Dice, who went on to become manager and marry Gao Hung Chinese  internationally famous Pipa Soloist

The Minnesota Fantasy Review was the brainchild of Ed Shannon,poet and writer and Mike Odden visual artist. Both were involved in "Minn-Con" a Minnesota based Fantasy Convention Group. They wanted to make a classy venue forwriters and artists. In the summer of1987 they sponsored a extra mini-convention in Sauk Centre Minnesota, dubbed "Sin-Con" at the famous 'Palmer House' Hotel

Photo of Gordy Dickenson recieving 1989 Minnesota Fantasy Award
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